Glass and Wood Art

Art. Wood & Glass. It’s all random.
— Donn Walter

The Idea: Retirement Is Fun

Retirement should not only mean you cease to work because you're too old, but because you have reached a "FUN"  stage in your life. A period, when you should use YOUR time FOR YOURSELF.  You should do the things that YOU enjoy doing most. 

Guess what: That's what we're doing! 

We love creating art--wood & glass, gardening, hiking, kayaking, beer, wine, road trips. 

Old fart motto: If it's fun and feels good, WTF - do it. 

                                                           Sabine Walter

Why Wood & Glass

Donn has been "piddling" around with woodworking since wood shop in middle school. I always encouraged his hobby - it's practical AND he has fun. Yeah, there's lotsa sawdust all over the house; but whatever; sawdust is better than spiders. :) 

Glass has this "oooh -shiny" connotation attached that gets stronger  the older you are. Have you noticed that older ladies (me too!!) gravitate towards shiny, glittery things? Well, we both love the looks of fused glass pieces, and to have the ability to create something cool AND lasting just rocks. 


We get our ideas from Nature, the Internet, friends, or weird dreams. I am more abstract (like totally),  whereas Donn is more linear and exact. He strives to be a perfectionist at times. Not me. I'm totally random. 

Our projects are different but do complement each other. Sometimes I have an idea, and Donn says "sure, we can do that" -- and the coolest thing is -- HE DOES! So if you have something in mind, run it by him and see where he goes with it. 

Just remember though - we are retired and may take a little longer. We'd love to share our hobby with you, but it has to stay fun, right?!  :)